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I have worked with Schacht & Associates on many projects since its inception in 1991.
In every case, they have done a superlative job. You'd be lucky to work with them.

Ralph Silber, Alameda Health Consortium
In 1991, Jennie Schacht founded Schacht & Associates to provide program development, grant writing and other consulting services to community-based clinics. Since that time, S&A has grown to provide a broad range of consulting services to individuals, not-for-profit organizations, public agencies, and private and community foundations.

Counterbalancing the somewhat serious nature of the health care field, S&A also provides culinary writing and consulting services to individuals and companies. While these two practice areas may at first appear unrelated, our work with not-for-profit food and hunger programs provides a bridge connecting the two.


Primarily for our work in health and human services, Schacht & Associates utilizes a small group of expert associate consultants selected for their ability to produce top-quality deliverables and provide excellent customer service. S&A subcontracts with professionals who have expertise in a wide variety of areas, including professional writing and editing, program planning and design, proposal development, RFP development, proposal review, evaluation, training design and implementation, facilitation and other skills.

Specialty areas include maternal and child health, perinatal care, adolescent health, health education, substance abuse, family planning, HIV/AIDS, mental health, ethical issues, multi-cultural sensitivity, food and hunger programs, and other areas.

Associates are carefully screened and receive ongoing consultation and assistance. Most have worked with Schacht & Associates for many years.

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